BFree Foods Review

Just when I had gotten used to finding vegan food in shops and knew what I could or couldn’t eat, I found out I had coeliac disease, and had to give up gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Suddenly, I had to find replacements for many of the foods I was used to.  This led to a lot more label-reading, and discovering that most gluten-free breads contain egg or milk, so were out of the question for me.  I started making my own bread but missed the convenience of buying a loaf of bread or a bagel.  It’s a handy way to make a quick meal or snack, especially if you have kids and haven’t slept properly in weeks/months/years!


So I was really happy when I discovered BFree.  All of their products are not only gluten-free and wheat-free, but also suitable for vegans.  They’re an Irish company, and their products are the best that I’ve tried.  They also make most of my old favourites like tortilla wraps, bagels, pitta bread, bread rolls, fajita kits, as well as wholegrain and white sliced bread.  And they are always coming out with new products.  I get way too excited when I hear that they’re bringing out a product that I haven’t been able to have in ages.  They contain many nutritious naturally gluten-free ingredients like quinoa, millet and chia, making them seem healthier and less processed than many brands of gluten free bread.  They also taste fresher than most other breads that I’ve tried, many of which are vacuum packed and seem to last for ever, which doesn’t seem right to me.  For coeliacs and other gluten-free people, it’s great to find such a variety of breads and they don’t taste like cardboard, but actually really good!  We deserve nice bread too, and with these to try, coeliac disease doesn’t seem quite as bad now.

BFree make two types of sliced bread, white and wholegrain.  The white bread is soft and floury.  The slices are small, like many gluten-free breads, and it is best toasted, but still is pretty similar to normal bread in taste and texture.  The wholegrain seeded bread is my favourite, and is delicious toasted.


The white and wholegrain bread rolls are really soft and delicious and work well straight out of the packet or toasted.  It’s hard to tell they’re gluten-free.  They make great burger buns, which is something I haven’t been able to find, and a (veggie) burger just isn’t the same without a bun!


They also make two types of bagels, plain and multiseed, which are really delicious.  Like the bread, they are best toasted, but when toasted it is hard to tell that they’re gluten-free.  Bagels are a food that I had really missed, and I’m so glad to be able to eat them now.


They have two types of tortilla wraps, multigrain and quinoa and chia, and fajita kits (yep, they have loads of products, and all vegan!)  Both types of wraps are lovely and soft.  They are best when warmed slightly but honestly don’t really need it and are nice straight out of the packet.  The fajita kits contain 6 plain wraps, as well as a spice mix and salsa.  They also have instructions on how to make fajitas and some tips like adding fresh mango, which is delicious in a fajita.  I usually make my own fajitas but it’s so handy to get a fajita kit for a quick dinner.


The pitta bread is their latest product and one I was really hoping they’d bring out.  I love the easiness of cutting open a pitta bread and filling it with salad, houmous, maybe some falafel, as a quick and easy lunch.  These pitta breads didn’t disappoint, and tasted just like normal ones as far as I remember, even before warming, but were best when warmed like with any pitta bread.  I really want to try them as a quick mini pizza base too!

The products are a bit expensive but this is normal for gluten-free products and they do contain some expensive ingredients like quinoa and chia seeds.  I find this a reasonable price to pay for the quality of the products and since they are not something that I need to eat every day.  Also, like any gluten-free breads, they’ll never be exactly the same as normal bread, but they are close enough to fool many people, and a major improvement on what was available before.


Check out my roasted cauliflower fajita recipe made with BFree wraps here.

They are available in Ireland in Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu and Centra, and also in the UK in Asda, Tesco and Ocado.


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