Crussh – Juices, Smoothies & Boosters – Cookbook Review and Recipe


Crussh is a chain of award-winning juice bars in the UK.  Their recipe book is a beautiful book packed with over 100 delicious recipes.  It is divided into four chapters, health, juices, smoothies and boosters.  Chapter 1 is all about health, the benefits of juicing and the nutrients that are found in different fruit and veg.  Chapter 2 has recipes for juices, bursting with nutrients for a quick energy boost.  Chapter 3 has smoothie recipes, using the whole fruit for fibre and a more filling drink, along with milk or yoghurt for extra protein, calcium and creaminess.  Chapter 4 is about boosters, extra goodness you can add to drinks, such as ginseng, spirulina or aloe vera, for added nutrients, energy or immune-boosting effects.  The book is full of stunning photographs of the drinks and fruit, which really encourages you to want to make the recipes.  The design and artwork is really bright, colourful and quirky.

For my vegan readers, not all of the recipes are vegan, but most are and the ones that aren’t can be easily veganised.  In some recipes, dairy milk or yoghurt are ingredients, but these can easily and deliciously be substituted for soya, nut or coconut milk or yoghurt.  I used plain soya yoghurt in the smoothies and it worked out perfectly.  A few recipes in the Boosters chapter contain non-vegan ingredients such as bee pollen and honey.  Bee pollen can be easily omitted, and honey replaced with an ingredient such as agave syrup, maple syrup or date syrup.  Date syrup has been found to have health benefits similar to honey and is vegan-friendly.  Another recipe has omega oil, which could be a vegan omega oil such as flaxseed oil or chia oil.  For recipes containing whey protein, you can use a vegan protein powder instead.

The drinks are really delicious.  I know you can make up your own smoothies, and these can sometimes turn out great or sometimes be a bit of a strange concoction!  But following these recipes, I made some of the nicest smoothies and juices that I’ve ever had.  The recipes have really been perfected and every one I tried was amazing!  The smoothies were all so smooth and creamy and satisfying.  And the juices were so fresh and gave me an instant energy boost, which has been very welcome while caring for two young children.  They also gave me a vitamin C boost to help ward off a cold that I was getting.   There are sweet and fruity drinks that kids will love, ones with antioxidant-rich berries, veggies and greens that are super-healthy, nutty drinks that are perfect for after a workout, and creamy indulgent smoothies that make a quick and healthy dessert, so something for all taste-buds.

I tried out a few of the recipes, once I decided which ones I wanted to make, which was so difficult to decide!  They all sound good, but I had to narrow it down.

The ‘Strawberry Cool’ is meant to taste like “the best strawberries and cream in a glass” and it really does.  I always love strawberry smoothies anyway but this was extra nice, cool and creamy with frozen strawberries and yoghurt.

The ‘Sporty Spicy’ has the sweetness of mangoes, bananas and oranges, with a kick of hot chilli, cooled down with yoghurt. I never would have thought to put chilli in a smoothie but it works so well and makes it really special and different.

The ‘Peach and Raspberry’ juice is one of their ‘duo juices’.  A simple fruity mix of two fruits that compliment each other well.  They are two of my favourite fruits and it was delicious.  It says it banishes fatigue and brings a youthful glow to your skin, and it certainly did give me energy and make me feel glowy!

The ‘Tropavado’ smoothie uses avocado for creaminess instead of milk or yoghurt.  It was my first time using avocado in a smoothie, which I had been meaning to try for ages.  It combines the avocado with mango and orange juice, which adds sweetness to balance out the avocado flavour in this delicious blend.

My favourite was the ‘Pineapple Pleasure’.  I usually don’t like pineapple very much, but loved it in this smoothie.  It’ll definitely be one of my regular smoothies from now on.  I’ve included the recipe for it below.

‘Pineapple Pleasure’

From the book ‘Crussh Juices, Smoothies & Boosters’, courtesy of Crussh and Nourish Books 2015

One for the pineapple lovers, say goodbye to your aches and pains with a hit of these healthy nutrients.



1/4 pineapple, peeled and cut into chunks

1/2 banana

125ml/4fl oz/1/2 cup low-fat yoghurt, (Vegan Mammy – I used plain soya yoghurt) frozen overnight, or low-fat yoghurt plus 4 ice cubes

115g/4oz/3/4 cup frozen peeled pineapple

How to do it:

Put the fresh pineapple through an electric juicer.  Pour the juice into a blender or food processor, add all the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy.  Serve immediately.


I had great fun trying out all these smoothies and juices, and had an extra healthy week with all the fresh fruit and veg in them!  My toddler also loved them, and it’s such a great way to get kids to eat more fresh fruit.  I’ll make a lot of these recipes time and time again, and have gotten inspiration for improving my own smoothie recipes.  I’m excited to try the rest of the drinks in the book too.


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