Foods of Athenry Review including The Best Vegan Mince Pies

Foods of Athenry is a specialist bakery in Galway, Ireland, making mostly gluten-free food.  A lot of their products are also suitable for vegans.  As a vegan with coeliac disease myself, it’s amazing to find such great food so I wanted to share a post about their vegan range.

I’ve tried loads of their products, including cereals, flapjacks, cookies and mince pies and they are all delicious.



Since it’s nearly Christmas I especially wanted to let people know about their mince pies.  They’re the best mince pies I’ve ever had.  The pastry is lovely and you’d never know it was gluten-free and vegan.  The mincemeat is delicious and fruity containing sultanas, raisins, apple, carrot, dates, apricots, currants, glace cherries, brandy, cider and sherry!  My family (with 5 coeliacs and 4 vegans) are all big fans of them, even my boyfriend who is not gluten-free chooses them over the regular vegan mince pies (if we let him have any!)



The ‘Just Oats’ Flapjack Mini Bites are also delicious.  They’re a lovely sweet snack that feels at least kind of healthy because it has oats!  I missed store-bought flapjacks a lot since most of them have gluten and/or honey, so these were perfect.  I love the simplicity of them being ‘Just Oats’ without any other flavours to distract you.


The Blondie Cookie Shots and Brownie Cookies Shots are delicious tiny cookies that melt in your mouth.  You can have one to satisfy a sugar/chocolate craving, or you could sprinkle loads of them on top of a bowl of vegan ice-cream, just saying.  My vegan friends all seem to love them!

They also have big single cookies including Chocolate & Raspberry, Lime & Coconut, Double Chocolate Chunk, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Lemon & Blueberry, and Lemon & Poppyseed.  The flavours of these are amazing and really unusual.  I especially love the Chocolate & Raspberry and Lime & Coconut.  They taste like buttery shortbread but without the butter.  We’ve stocked up on loads of these for Christmas and I can’t stop eating them already!


They also have a range of cereals of which the Mega Munch Muesli, Sunshine Porridge and Nutty Crunchy Granola are suitable for vegans.  These are really delicious, healthy and make a quick and substantial breakfast.  My favourite is the granola which is very generous with the nuts and is delicious sprinkled on top of a smoothie bowl.

The only complaint that I’ve heard people say about some of the products is that they’re a bit expensive, like most gluten-free products.  For this reason I get them more as a treat whenever I can, but they are made with good quality ingredients, are much nicer than a lot of gluten-free or vegan products available, and in my opinion, are worth the extra money.  Also they’re Irish and it’s great to support an Irish business.

I love to find a company that is making so many of their products suitable for vegans.  It’s making veganism more convenient for people and more delicious.  Hopefully they will have many more great vegan products in the future.

To find out more visit the Foods of Athenry website.  They have product information and ingredients listed so you can see exactly what is vegan in their range.






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