Orange, Lemon, Ginger and Chilli Juice

This is a really simple juice but delicious and great for winter time.  I make it when I feel like I might be starting to get a cold or if my son is sick.  It gives a vitamin C boost and the ginger and chilli give it a kick that makes me feel better and hopefully boosts our immune systems.

I’m trying to have a fresh juice or smoothie every day because it makes me feel like I have a lot more energy and it’s a good way to get my son to have some fresh fruit and veg, especially on days when he’s being fussy about food.


This can be made with a citrus juicer, a cheap hand juicer will do if you don’t have an electric citrus juicer.  And any kind of blender to blend in the ginger and chilli.  If you don’t have a blender then you could very finely chop the chilli and add to the juice, and grate the ginger, and then squeeze the grated ginger in your hand to get the juice out.  Or if you don’t have a citrus juicer, you could squeeze the orange and lemon juice into the blender, or peel the oranges and lemon and blend them in the blender.

This serves 2 adults with a little toddler size portion too, so double or triple the quantities if you want to serve more.



3 oranges

1 lemon

2 cm piece of ginger

2 cm piece of fresh red chilli (seeds removed if you want it less spicy, but I leave them in)


How it’s made:

Juice the oranges and lemon with a citrus juicer.

Add the juice to blender.  Peel the ginger, and add the ginger and chilli to the blender and blend for about a minute.

Drink straight away to get the most nutrients and best taste.


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