My 5 Favourite Vegan Bath Products

As vegans, as well as not eating animal products, we try to make sure to buy vegan bath and personal hygiene products that aren’t tested on animals.  It’s also great if they are also eco-friendly and natural products that will be good for the environment and us.  Depending on cost and how much money I have, I try to get as many eco-friendly products as I can.  Vegan products are becoming more and more available, in health shops, online, and even in a lot of supermarkets now.  They also come in a wide price range so some are very affordable for most people, and some are great as a treat or nice presents.  There’s a lot of demand for vegan and cruelty-free products so it’s often marked on them if they are vegan and not tested on animals.  To be completely sure, look out for the Vegan Society logo and Leaping Bunny symbol, or do a quick internet search.  It’s so easy nowadays to buy vegan products.

These are my favourite products that we use in our house.


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush cosmetics are all vegetarian and mostly suitable for vegans and it is clearly marked on the packaging if the product is vegan.  They are also against animal testing.  I love all of their products that I’ve tried, which is a lot!  The products are handmade with great natural ingredients.  They stock a wide range of shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and jellies, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, perfumes, and even make-up.  My favourite product is probably the Veganese hair conditioner, which smells of lemon and leaves my hair super soft.  The products can be a little expensive but I find that some, in particular the solid shampoos and soaps, are good value since you use them sparingly and they last a long time.  The more expensive products are worth it as a treat since they are so luxurious and contain great quality, often organic, ingredients.  They are also eco-friendly and try to use as little packaging as possible and recycle what they can.  They also do beautifully wrapped gift boxes which are a really handy present for people for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, or any time.


Original Source Shower Gel

Original Source have a range of bath products that are mostly vegan and not tested on animals.  I believe some of them contain honey, but the ones that are vegan say it on the bottle.  They are inexpensive and are widely available in supermarkets.  They smell amazing and have some lovely fragrances like Vanilla and Raspberry and Lime and Tea Tree.  They contain real fruit and essential oils so are a luxurious treat to use every day.  I love the shower gels and use them all the time.  They also make scrubs and hand washes.


Crystal Spring Salt of the Earth Deodorant

I tried this only recently as I had heard good things about it and I’m very happy with it.  With other vegan deodorants that I’ve tried I didn’t always find them very effective, as some are not antiperspirant.  With Salt of the Earth deodorant, I don’t sweat at all, and it smells really nice.  It also doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all, which some other deodorants do.  I thought that the bottle might not last very long and it was a bit expensive, but I found I only need one or two sprays of it and it’s lasting a long time.  It also works for at least 24 hours for me.  It’s definitely worth it as it’s so nice and cruelty free.  It’s the best deodorant that I’ve ever used and I’ll definitely keep using it.


Faith in Nature Humphrey’s Corner Baby Bubble Bath

I love all of Faith in Nature’s products, but in particular like the baby products.  They are so lovely, natural and smell amazing.  I have no worries about using them for my kids like I would with some other brands.  They are widely available in health shops.  They are a little expensive, but very nice.  I use them sparingly with my children so they last a long time.  A small drop of bubble bath and tiny bit of shampoo is plenty for a baby or toddler.  The kids love the bubbles and they smell lovely after baths.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo is suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.  It’s very useful for parents for those days when your baby doesn’t want to be put down or you just don’t have the time or energy to wash your hair.  It absorbs grease and gives hair more life, and is great to make me feel better if my hair isn’t looking great.  It’s also really handy for camping trips or festivals.  It is widely available in shops and is inexpensive.  The only bad thing is that I don’t like to use it when my kids are in the room in case they inhale any of it, but it’s very useful when necessary.



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