Avocado on Toast

This is one of the most simple but most delicious meals or snacks ever.  It’s not even really a recipe, just an idea, but it’s great for kids so I thought it was worth sharing for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.  Avocado has loads of healthy fats and so is great for kids or anyone else to eat and it’s always good to get them to eat something raw.  This is how I like to eat it, which I think is a perfect snack, breakfast or lunch.



Serves 1

1 avocado

Chilli flakes


Sea salt (can omit for kids)

Black pepper

2 slices


How it’s made:

Choose a ripe avocado.  It’s ripe if it’s slightly soft to the touch but not completely squishy.  If you remove the little bit at the top where it was attached to the branch, and it’s green inside then it’s ok, but if it’s gone brown then it might be gone bad.  A lot of supermarkets now sell ready to eat avocadoes, which are really handy, or you can buy them unripe and leave to ripen in your fruit bowl.

Toast some bread.

Slice the avocado in half.  Remove the stone.  Scoop out 1/2 of an avocado and put on a slice on toast.  Using a fork, mash the avocado onto the toast.  Repeat with the other slice.

Sprinkle on some chilli flakes (be careful not to make it too spicy), some paprika, sea salt if you want, and black pepper, and eat immediately.


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