5 Vegan Toast Ideas

People always ask what to put on toast, especially for kids, so I’ve made a list of my five favourite foods to eat on toast, and some simple recipes.  They are all nutritious and great quick meals or snacks, and great for kids, especially if you use wholegrain bread.

Most store-bought breads are accidentally vegan, though look out for some that may contain buttermilk, etc.  For people who are on gluten-free diets, it’s a bit harder, since most gluten-free bread isn’t vegan.  I use BFree brand, which is all vegan.




Avocado on toast is really delicious and has loads of healthy fats so is especially great for kids.  And it couldn’t be simpler to make.  See my avocado on toast recipe here.





Houmous is possibly my favourite food ever and is full of protein, healthy fat, iron and calcium.  Houmous on toast makes a delicious, quick and easy meal, and is healthy especially with homemade houmous.  See my homemade houmous recipe here.


Fried mushrooms


Mushrooms on toast is a delicious breakfast or snack for when you feel like a cooked breakfast but want something quicker.  See my fried mushrooms on toast recipe here.



Nut butter and chia jam


This is a delicious combination and super healthy, with protein, fat and iron in the nut butter and chia jam with real raw fruit and no refined sugar.  Look out for nut butters that use 100% nuts and no added salt or sugar, like the Meridian brand.  Almond, cashew or peanut butter are all delicious.  See my recipe for raspberry chia jam and almond butter on toast here.



Homemade baked beans


This makes a lovely nutritious meal, with loads of protein and iron, and without the added salt and sugar that are in store-bought baked beans.  See my homemade baked beans on toast recipe here.


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