Follow Your Heart ‘VeganEgg’ Review

I was so excited to try the Follow Your Heart ‘VeganEgg’.  I had seen videos online of people making scrambled “egg” with it and it looked great so was waiting patiently for it to come to Ireland.  I’ve been vegan for 12 years and have never tried a product like this that can replace eggs not only in baking, but scrambles and omelettes as well.  There are so many vegan products nowadays, it’s amazing.

I’ve tried the Follow Your Heart ‘Vegenaise’ and ‘Vegan Caesar’ salad dressing before and they’re really delicious, so had high hopes for the ‘VeganEgg’.

I love making vegan alternatives to egg dishes like tofu scramble and vegan frittatas.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had actual eggs but thought it’d be really fun to try the VeganEgg and see how it compares.  It’d also be great for people who are newly vegan but miss the taste of eggs.  I had loads of ideas for it, scramble, omelettes, French toast, frittatas, quiches, so many ideas.  So I had a look through my vegetarian cookbooks at the recipes with eggs that I had always skipped over and decided on a few things to try out.


I thought the packaging is really cute, mimicking an egg box.  It makes it feel like it’ll taste more like real eggs.  One box is about the equivalent of a dozen eggs so I could make a few different things with it.

When you open it up, it’s actually a powder, that you mix with water to replace beaten eggs.  When you’re mixing up the powder and water it smells surprisingly like eggs!


I decided to make scrambled egg so I could see what the flavour is like on its own and because it’s one of the few things I could actually cook before going vegan!  It was really easy to make, just blend up the powder with water (the pack says using a blender makes the eggs fluffier), pour into a frying pan, stir it up and cook for 6-8 minutes stirring occasionally.


The Vegan Egg had a mild eggy taste, not too strong.  This makes it really versatile for baking or using in sweet dishes like French toast without being too strong tasting or too salty.  For scrambled egg it was slightly bland so I added some salt, pepper and drizzled it with basil oil, served it with asparagus and that made a lovely simple dish with nice flavours.  Some people who have tried it have said they wanted a more eggy taste so added extra black salt.  I don’t think I would have wanted too much of an eggy taste since I haven’t had eggs in a long time.

The texture of the scrambled egg is soft and creamy and makes a convincing replica of it.  I ate some of it after it had gone cold and it had firmed up quite a bit and was very egg-like!


I also tried the egg in some pancakes and a few cupcakes with what I had left.  I was very surprised since I haven’t baked with eggs for so long, that the pancakes and cupcakes were really light and fluffy with a lovely slightly eggy taste.  The pancakes were less stodgy than my usual ones and tasted more like non-vegan pancakes.  I think it’d be really good in waffles, bread or scones.


I was also very impressed by this Eco Fact on the packaging that says “100 VeganEggs can be made with the same water used to produce just 1 chicken egg.”  That’s really amazing and shows the difference we can make by choosing vegan products.  The carton is also made with recycled cardboard and water and is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.  They think of everything!


Some tips I would give for using the VeganEgg is to use a blender to mix the powder and water.  My eggs turned out very fluffy this way!  Also use a good non-stick frying pan since it can stick a bit otherwise.  For baking use a non-stick cake tin or silicone cupcake cases.  And it takes longer to cook than regular eggs do so give it some extra time.


The VeganEgg would be really handy to have in the cupboard for when you need a quick meal.  It’s a little pricey so this might not be something that I eat every day but I would definitely get it as a treat or if I wanted to veganise a recipe.  And when you consider that it can replace 12 eggs then it doesn’t seem too expensive.  It’s definitely worth trying if you miss eggs, if you’re into baking or want to try a few new dishes.


It’s amazing that there are products like this now.  When I first went vegan I could barely find soy milk and I never imagined that ten years later I could have vegan scrambled egg!  There really is an alternative to everything and that’s so good for new vegans or people who want to go vegan.


You can find out more about the VeganEgg and where to buy it at and


4 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart ‘VeganEgg’ Review

  1. I think the measurements given are totally wrong. the one egg recipe makes more like two eggs. And the box says to almost halve the liquid for baking which is an extremely bad idea. Then you have a too large amount of unworkably thick batter, and your cake is so stodgy it doesn’t bake properly. Are US tablespoons half the size of UK tablespoons? I just ruined a vast amount of gorgeous ingredients following the box instructions to the letter. It’s a good product for vegans who miss scrambled egg but I have yet to find a decent baking substitute- this is not it, unless maybe you have to reduce the egg size by half and ignore the instruction to reduce the water. I am gobsmacked nobody has yet picked up on this. Also, the sulphur is absolutely too much in a cake mix.
    Thumbs down for ruining my cake mix and wasting my time and money, Vegan Egg. But decent scramble.

    • That’s a pity that it didn’t work out great for you. I know it’s so disappointing if all your work and ingredients go to waste. I think US and UK tablespoon sizes might be different, not entirely sure though. All I can say is it worked out fine in cupcakes and pancakes I made with it, so not sure what went wrong for you. I thought it made them really light and fluffy and reminded me of the flavour of non-vegan cakes that I had missed. And I didn’t find the sulphur taste too strong for cakes. Unless maybe they have changed the recipe since I tried it?

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