Sun, Sea and a Vegan Picnic

We finally had a few sunny days in Ireland so took our first trip to the beach this year.  We live about 40 minutes drive from the beach so don’t get there that often but love going when we can.  It was still pretty cold on the beach, so we were dressed warmly and didn’t go in the water or anything, but it was still really lovely.  The sun was shining and sky was almost completely clear.

Rian having fun on the beach


We went for a long walk and Rian had so much fun running around.  He watched kite surfers and kept yelling, “the kite is flying away!”  He loves pirates at the moment so brought a roll of cling film which is his telescope so he could look out for pirate ships in the sea!


Oran exploring on the beach for the first time


Oran went for a walk around and loved having so much space and flat ground to run on.  He’s almost 11 months now and is walking and running around really well, but it was handy that the ground was soft if he fell over.


A picnic of creamy dill pasta, falafel, rocket, cherry tomatoes, houmous, vegan cheese, oaty yoghurt bread, apple and blackberry muffins, vegan chocolate and coconut water


Then we had a really lovely picnic that I prepared that morning.  I love picnics and the boys find it really fun to eat outside.  It was all so delicious and a perfect meal.  We got these Great Food vegan and gluten-free falafel in Aldi, which are really, really good!  We also got the Roisin’s handmade chocolate in Aldi.  It’s vegan and so delicious, with bits of honeycomb in it (did you know honeycomb doesn’t contain honey?  I didn’t!)  We got the houmous and Vita Coco coconut water in Aldi too.  Coconut water is so good for drinking on the beach, very hydrating (not that it was that hot).  We also had Violife vegan cheese which is amazing.


Apple and blackberry oaty muffins


These muffins were so yummy, moist, slightly sweet and tart from the berries.  I have the recipe for them here.


Creamy dill pasta


This creamy dill pasta was also so yummy, filling and comforting.  The recipe for this is here.


Such a delicious plate of food!

Vegan food is so delicious!  It definitely doesn’t have to be boring.




The picnic blanket becomes a shawl

After the picnic me and Oran were getting cold so I put him in his sling and wrapped the picnic blanket around us.  I had been silly and wore a maxi dress and didn’t bring a cardigan or anything.  The first sign of sun and I had forgotten that it was still April and this is Ireland!  But we were so cosy and warm inside the blanket and it was lovely to walk in the sun.



Windswept but happy

Rian could have kept walking for ages.  He was having so much fun even though his nose and cheeks were red from the wind.  He was so incredibly happy.



Our collie friend


Just to be the perfect idyllic Irish day we had to see some sheep, horses, donkeys and even made friends with a lovely collie.  He was hanging out near the cars and going to see everyone.  We saw him later helping a man to herd some horses.  That’s the first time I’ve seen a horse dog!



One of my favourite things about going to Kerry, cute lambs!

We also saw lots of really adorable baby lambs and ewes.  I love going to see them in the Spring time.  Where I live there are more cattle, but in Kerry there are sheep everywhere.  They are so beautiful and it’s lovely to watch them, but tinged with sadness as well because I know they’ll be killed in a few months.  I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to explain that to my kids.  Still I love that my kids can see them and learn about them.  I want them to get to know all different species of animals.


Friends, not food



Beautiful horses and hills behind them


I’m so grateful all the time to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  It’s so peaceful, with amazing views and lots of places to explore.  If only we had more sunny days like this!


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