Why I Don’t Support Animal Testing

As a vegan, I obviously don’t agree with animal testing and I’m sure many people feel the same.  These are just some of my personal reasons for not supporting animal testing.


Animals are treated as property

Animals should not be the property of humans to use them for whatever they want.  They are not objects but living sentient beings.  They exist for their own purposes.


Animals live their whole lives in cages

Animals in labs have unnatural and miserable lives confined in small, bare cages.  They cannot carry out natural behaviours.


Animals are subjected to cruel tests

The tests carried out on animals are horrific and inhumane, and cause a great amount of suffering, pain and psychological trauma.


Animals are killed

Animals are killed after tests are done or when they are no longer needed.  Their whole life is spent in a breeding facility or lab.


It’s unnecessary

There are alternative methods of testing that do not use animals.  Many of the products tested on animals are things we can easily live without and there are many other products available that are not tested on animals.


It only takes a small effort to look for the Leaping Bunny symbol on products or look up which products are cruelty-free and try to avoid those that aren’t.




2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Support Animal Testing

  1. […] I tried out all the products I bought, and they all work really well.  They work a lot better than some other brands of a similar price and I really couldn’t fault them in that way.  The carpet shampoo in particular worked really well and my carpets look much brighter and cleaner.  They’re definitely worth a try for anyone trying to avoid products that are tested on animals. […]

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