Vegan Picnic in the Garden

Rian wanted to go outside and play today at lunch time so I decided to make us a picnic to eat in the garden.  It was so relaxing, the kids got some fresh air and I didn’t have to clean the floor afterwards.  I can see this happening a lot!


Things are starting to grow outside.  I have lots of strawberry plants, some pots of herbs, wild garlic and some rhubarb growing.  I’d love to have a proper veggie garden but just don’t find the time to do it.  Definitely some day though!

Mint, I never use it all and end up feeding it to my guinea pig and rabbit, maybe I should make mojitos or something
Parsley, some of which went into my falafel burgers yesterday


Wild garlic, one of my favourite foods to forage



For the picnic I made lentil spaghetti muffins, spaghetti with creamy dill sauce, and coconut oat bread, which we ate with some berries.  Why not serve pasta with pasta and bread?  We really like carbs in our house!

It was all so yummy.  Vegan picnics are always so full of flavour and deliciousness!


The spaghetti muffins are basically mini spaghetti Bolognese baked in a muffin tray.  I made a simple tomato sauce with garlic and mixed herbs, and added some cooked green lentils.  I put bits of cooked spaghetti into the spaces in an oiled muffin tin, topped each with a dollop of the sauce, and baked for 15 minutes.  Once cooked, I sprinkled with a little nutritional yeast.


They were fun and a handy size for the kids to pick up.  They love lentils and they’re a great source of iron and protein so that keeps me happy.  They’ll eat any kind of pasta and love tomato sauces.


Oran really loved the spaghetti muffins as you can see from his face!


As did Sophie, waiting under his high chair for any food he dropped!


I really love this creamy dill pasta sauce and keep craving it lately.  It’s a lovely summer dish.


The coconut oat bread was really yummy and a kinda dessert after our meal.  Though it could just as easily be a healthy breakfast.  I can’t stop snacking on it all day now!



Then the kids went for a run around, played football, explored and had fun.


Oran staring at a flower pot, maybe he’ll be a gardener



Eventually Rian wanted to go inside to build a pirate ship!  I hope the rest of the weekend is this nice with long days spent outdoors in our little garden.


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