Vegan Prenatal Vitamins

I sometimes get asked about vegan prenatal vitamins so want to write about what ones I take.  These are available in Ireland and the UK but I can’t recommend any brands that are available in other countries unfortunately.

Pregnant people or people planning to get pregnant are generally advised to take folic acid supplements and to eat a fairly healthy, balanced diet, in particular containing plenty of iron, calcium, vitamin D and long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Vegans are advised by The Vegan Society to take vitamin B12 supplements and make sure they get good sources of vitamin D, iodine, calcium and long-chain DHA Omega-3 fats.

Throughout my pregnancies and breastfeeding I have taken vegan prenatal vitamins.  There are several vegan supplements available for pregnancy and breastfeeding that I know of.  I take Solgar Prenatal Nutrients.  These are available in Ireland and the UK in health shops.


There are also other vegan pregnancy supplements that I know of, such as Viridian Pregnancy Complex and Terra Nova Prenatal Multivitamin Complex, which are available in health shops.  These are reputable brands that my local health shop recommended to me.

The reason I chose the Solgar one is because I found the price to be the best value in my local health shop.

My doctor and dietician looked over the amounts of vitamins and minerals in this supplement and agreed that they were suitable.

Overall I’ve been very happy with them.  They have helped to keep me healthy throughout two pregnancies and three years of breastfeeding.  My vitamin and iron levels throughout this time were all good, except for a short time after having my second baby as I had a postpartum haemhorrage.  But I got my iron levels back up to normal again taking these vitamins and an additional iron supplement for a while.

I found these vitamins to be very gentle on my stomach, unlike some other brands I’ve used that gave me stomach pains.  They say they use a unique form of iron that is easily absorbed without gastrointestinal irritation.  They are also gluten free, wheat free, yeast free, dairy free, and free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours.

I did find the tablets a bit large and difficult to swallow when I was in early pregnancy as I had some nausea.  But all prenatal vitamins that I’ve seen have been a similar size.

If you know of any other brands of prenatal vitamins that you would recommend that are suitable for vegans, please let me know in the comments.





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