M&S Vegan Range

I wanted to do a few blog posts about the ranges of vegan food in different supermarkets.  So of course I tried the one that I thought would be most fun first!  I hadn’t been to M&S in over a year and was really excited to try a lot of the newer vegan products.  I wouldn’t shop there all the time, as it’s a bit out of my price range, but it’s really nice to get stuff as a treat.  And actually I found the prices pretty reasonable for specifically vegan products.

I was actually so, so excited to try new vegan stuff!


Just a note to say that as far as I know these products are vegan, judging from reading the ingredients, but I apologise if I made any mistakes.  You can find more information here.

13323649_10154063449366014_4452857619311786_o (1)


Firstly I wanted to try their plant milks, which I had never had before.  I got this coconut milk and almond milk.  I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have unsweetened versions, since I prefer to buy unsweetened, but these were as a treat so I didn’t really mind.  I tried both of them and they were so delicious.  They are probably the nicest store-bought plant milks that I’ve ever tried.  The coconut milk in particular was amazing.  The kids enjoyed them too.

13323443_10154063449621014_1365089745306202908_o (1)

I had to try the chocolate soy milk too, which was really good.  Rian really loved it.  He was really excited since he hasn’t had chocolate milk much.  It’s so nice to be able to get nice treats for him.  It has Vegan Daddy’s approval too!

13320825_10154063447861014_6905964888357213038_o (1)

These soya yoghurts were delicious, kinda like Alpro ones but fancier tasting.  The kids loved them too.  They have sugar in them so I wouldn’t give them to the kids everyday but they are a nice treat and would make a fairly healthy dessert too.  I also liked that they have yoghurt cultures.

13323480_10154063449196014_5298976868685822885_o (1)


I also got a few of the salads and houmouses.  Unfortunately some of the salads have honey in them so aren’t suitable for vegans so I couldn’t get those ones.  But there were a few that were suitable for vegans.  I got a Mexican Rice, Quinoa & Avocado Salad and a Borlotti, Flageolet & Black Bean Salad.  They were both delicious, as was the houmous.  There were some other dips there that weren’t suitable for vegans, which is unfortunate as I think they could easily be made suitable for vegans.



13340157_10154063449111014_8586305293413799911_o (1)

I had to try some of the chocolates because I really love chocolate!  The orange and mint ones were really, really good.  I couldn’t resist trying them before taking the photo!  The one with plantain chips sounded delicious and unusual, and it was.  It’s a little strange but I really liked it.

(Note for any gluten-free readers, in case you assume that these are all gluten-free seeing as I’m coeliac, I noticed afterwards that the plantain chocolate may contain traces of gluten.  All the other products looked ok to me, but be sure to check labels.)

13308135_10154063447056014_4882404256443753892_o (1)


It was really difficult to choose which nut butter to try.  They had a peanut and cashew butter, which sounds amazing.  I didn’t buy them because they had added sugar and I want to eat less sugar, but now I wish I had bought them just to try.  Instead I got this roasted almond butter, which is really delicious anyway.  Maybe I’ll try the others some other time.

13350516_10154063449671014_5279979972407901487_o (1)


There was also a dairy-free coconut ice-cream, that sounded delicious, but it would have melted by the time I got it home so I didn’t get it.  I wish I had been more hungry and I would have gotten it and eaten it on the way home.


I loved all these products and it’s great that so many supermarkets are selling more vegan food.  There’s a good range of vegan products in M&S, although unfortunately a lot of their products, that could otherwise be vegan, contain butter, cream, cheese or honey, so that does limit you a little.


Also the products can be a little expensive, so not everyone can shop there.  But it is nice to get some as a treat if you can.  And there are many other shops that have vegan food.  Vegans definitely don’t always have to buy expensive food.  Like I said above, I found the prices were actually reasonable enough for a treat.


M&S also have a great range of fruit and vegetables, and other vegan products.  These are just the few that I tried recently.  I will definitely try some more sometimes, especially that coconut ice-cream!


If you have any other recommendations for nice vegan food from M&S, please let me know in the comments.  I always love trying new vegan food!



14 thoughts on “M&S Vegan Range

  1. I love the soy milk from M & S! I go there there just for that 🙂 I haven’t tried any of their other vegan stuff though, will have a look the next time I’m there. The ice cream sounds great!

  2. We’re trying to go vegan more and more, although my husband is not as keen lol! This is very helpful, thank you. I look forward to more, if you get the chance. We have an M&S, but don’t shop there often, but they are good for salads and things.
    I’ve been experimenting with sugar-free vegan ice cream. Mostly failing so far. Have you ever tried making your own soya/nut milk? I am wondering whether it’s worth the effort, but I can get through a litre of unsweetened almond milk in a day so it would be a lot cheaper! It settles my stomach. My son and husband prefer non-dairy milk too.

  3. I love that M&S are starting to come around, I still spend a lot of time reading the backs of pack exclaiming ‘gah’ at milk in everything – especially their rose and violet cream chocolates, which everyone else can manage to make vegan 😤

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