Oran’s 1st Birthday


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We celebrated Oran’s first birthday on the 29th of May.  One whole year with our amazing little guy.  This year has gone by so quickly, but been so wonderful.  Oran has brought so much happiness to our lives, and is the best little brother to Rian.  I can’t believe he’s not a baby anymore, though he’ll always be my baby.

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Having two kids is a lot different to just having one.  You’d think it would be double the work, but it’s really even more, like triple the work, or it seems like it!  There’s not much time to rest and the days, weeks and months go by quickly.  I loved the time when Oran was a tiny baby and tried to appreciate those moments, lots of long cuddles.  He’s growing up so fast but it’s so fun having two kids and watching them interact and their bond growing.  They are very close and really love each other.

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For Oran’s birthday we were planning on having a party but the timing was difficult since there weren’t many people around so we didn’t end up having one.  I’m sure he won’t mind since he doesn’t even know what a birthday is yet.  Instead we had a day out at the beach, just the four of us.



It was such a lovely day.  The weather was amazing, really warm without being too hot.  Perfect beach weather.  The kids had so much fun, playing in the sand, running around and splashing in the sea.  I think it’s going to be their new favourite place so I must take them back soon!


13268551_10154056115436014_5477530829391001853_o (1).jpg

Rian loved collecting shells and gave them as presents to each of us, which was really sweet.  But he said, “we must leave the shells on the beach when we go home”.

13340165_10154056114856014_2528500527672510505_o (1)


We also had a vegan picnic, which Oran really enjoyed.  Rian was too busy running around to eat much of it!


We also took trips to see the boys’ grandparents and of course Oran got spoiled with presents, which Rian had to help him play with!  I meant to make him a baby smash cake, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  He did have a vegan banoffee pie that his aunt made him though!

13320504_10154056117131014_8710310913486920454_o (1)


I really can’t believe he’s one already.  He’s the sweetest little guy.  He’s cheeky and mischievous like Rian but a little quieter, maybe.  He loves giving people hugs and kisses and loves playing and  running around with his brother.  He also really loves Sophie the dog and Holly the cat.  We’re so glad to have him in our lives every day.

13308186_10154056113441014_1931283978175044724_o (1)


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