Our Vegan Easter

This is just a quick blog post to talk about all the chocolate we’re eating today!  If anyone is new to being vegan and wondering if there are vegan Easter eggs available, there’s a great selection of vegan Easter eggs widely available nowadays.  Vegan kids (and grown ups) definitely don’t miss out!  I couldn’t even get photos of the eggs before the kids started eating them, but did get some photos of Oran’s chocolatey face.


My kids got these Kinnerton Just Chocolate dark chocolate eggs and Tesco Free From white chocolate eggs from their Nana this year.  I have tested both eggs and can tell you they’re delicious!  I had to steal some to make sure the kids don’t get too much sugar, you see.  And for blogging purposes…


I didn’t actually get them any Easter eggs myself because I knew they’d have more than enough from their grandparents!  I don’t like them to have too much refined sugar on a daily basis but don’t mind them having it on special occasions.  It was great that they got a dark chocolate egg each, because they are eating only small amounts of it at a time, so it’s not too much sugar all at once.  And they did eat a very healthy breakfast and lunch today so I’m happy.


They really love both of these Easter eggs, especially the white chocolate one, which is a real treat because they don’t often get white chocolate.  I used to love white chocolate before I was vegan, so like having it sometimes now too, even though dark chocolate is my favourite.


I got a really lovely Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate egg.  It’s my favourite chocolate!


Like I said, vegan Easter eggs are widely available nowadays.  Some other brands include Moo Free and Choices, which are available in many supermarkets and health shops.  I’m so happy that my kids get to get the same kinds of treats as any other kid, even if they’re not the healthiest food!  Happy cruelty-free Easter to all the vegan families!


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