Vegan Pregnancy Number 3


Now that baby Síofra is 6 weeks old and all settled in to our family, I’m finding more time to do some blogging while she naps.  I wanted to talk about how my pregnancy with her went.

This was my third pregnancy and they were all vegan pregnancies.  I’ve been very lucky to have easy pregnancies, but as well as luck, I think being vegan does help a bit!  It definitely doesn’t hurt, because I’ve stayed very healthy and my babies have all been healthy.

In the first trimester I was a bit tired, which I think is common.  I always find the first trimester the most tiring time.  Even so I was able to go for long walks with the kids most days, and really enjoy the lovely autumn we had.  I took the time to relax, apart from the hard work of looking after two kids!

I didn’t have any real morning sickness, but felt a bit nauseous and didn’t have that big an appetite.  Even so, I was able to eat very healthily.  I didn’t worry too much about getting all my nutrients, just ate mostly healthy homemade food and what I felt like.  I also took a vegan prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement, just to be safe.

My doctor did blood tests to check my iron levels, B12 and all the usual stuff and they all were perfect.  It was great to be starting off with a healthy start.  My doctors and midwives have never had any concerns about me being vegan during my three pregnancies.



In the second trimester I got my energy back and it was great!  I kept getting gentle exercise and ate healthily.  I got regular check ups with my doctor and everything was going great.  This was my favourite part of the pregnancy and the easiest.  I felt so wonderful, and felt like I looked really healthy, had clear skin and shiny hair, and was loving being pregnant.

I also found out I was having a girl!  Even though I didn’t really mind, it was a nice surprise after having two boys.  So that just added to my happiness.


In the third trimester I got a bit more tired, though luckily not too bad.  I was still eating healthily and getting exercise, pushing Oran’s stroller around town really helped to give me an energy boost!  I think I ate quite a few potato waffles, jelly tots and needed coffee to get me through some days, and sometimes I was pretty tired by bed time and found it hard to be as patient with the kids at the end of pregnancy.  But all in all, it was fine.  My iron levels stayed really good throughout my pregnancy too, without having to take additional iron supplements (apart from the small amount of iron in my prenatal vitamins).  Like I said, I’m very lucky to have easy pregnancies, even though I think all pregnancies have their challenges!  I know not all vegan pregnancies are easy, but I do think it can help to prevent some of the bad symptoms that people commonly get.  And of course being vegan doesn’t automatically mean someone has a healthy diet, but it’s definitely possible for vegans to be very healthy during pregnancy and all life stages.


Now I have my perfect little baby and couldn’t be happier.








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