Salt of the Earth Rock Chick Sweet Strawberry Review

Crystal Spring sent me a sample of one of their new deodorants to try out so I wanted to post a quick review of it.  They have a range of Salt of the Earth natural deodorants that are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.  I always use their Pure Aura Lavender & Vanilla spray deodorant or their Crystal Classic deodorant and love them.  They’re the one brand of natural deodorants that I found to be most effective.

They’ve brought out three new scented deodorant sprays, Pure Aura: Melon & Cucumber, Rock Chick: Strawberry Sweet, and Pure Armour: Explorer.

The Rock Chick: Strawberry Sweet deodorant is aimed at pre-teen girls especially those going through early puberty.  It has a fun and sweet strawberry scent.

I don’t have kids that age myself, but being a mother I think this is a great product for vegan kids who need an effective anti-perspirant and/or want a nice smelling spray.  I mentioned this new product to a few of my vegan friends who have pre-teen daughters and they thought it was a great idea that their daughters would love.

I’m pretty child-like at heart, so I love this deodorant too!  I’ve been using it for the past few days on myself.  I thought it might be a sickly sweet scent, but it isn’t at all.  The scent is quite subtle once it’s on, and really nice.  I also find it a quite effective anti-perspirant and deodorant.  I love that it’s natural so much nicer than using harsh chemicals, which I’m sure people wouldn’t want their kids to use.

Of course it’s wonderful that it’s suitable for vegans and not tested on animals, so is a great product to have available for our vegan kids!  Hopefully they will expand the range even more and I’m looking forward to trying even more of their products in the future.

Salt of the Earth deodorants are available in most health shops and at

*This is not a paid ad.



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