Baby Síofra Growing Up

I wanted to write a really quick blog post just to say how Síofra is doing, mostly as an excuse to show off some photos of her, but also to show how healthy the babies of vegan parents can be!  She’s now 11 weeks old and it’s so hard to believe how quickly she’s growing up.  I’m really busy every day looking after the three kids, so I guess it’s not surprising that time seems to be passing quickly.  She doesn’t really seem like a newborn anymore.


She’s such a lovely baby (all babies are though), super smiley, and she even laughs now.  She loves her big brothers, and when they talk to her or sing to her she smiles and laughs at them.  You can tell that she really loves them, and they love her.  They’re always giving her hugs and kisses, and sometimes just annoying her too!  She’s a very happy baby and even lets me sleep for a few hours at a time now, and lets me put her down a bit more so I can get stuff done.


She’s really strong and healthy, getting so big now.  She can hold up her head really well, and loves looking around at everything.  Breastfeeding is going really great, and she’s gaining weight and growing well.  She went to the doctor for a check up recently and they said she was perfect, so it goes to show that vegan parents can grow and nourish healthy babies.


So as you can see, she’s as healthy as can be.  I’ll post another update about her in a few months, and when she starts solids I want to do some more posts about baby led weaning for vegan babies, which I’m very excited about!  The boys are also doing great and we’re having Oran’s birthday party at the weekend (he’s going to be 2!) so I’m planning what food and cake to make, and will do a blog post about that too.


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