Oran’s 2nd Birthday

We had Oran’s 2nd birthday party yesterday.  It was just a very small party with his family and a couple of friends.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple and not put too much pressure on myself preparing for it.  And for once I actually made the right amount of food and cake instead of making way too much!


It’s hard to believe how quickly the last two years went!  It seems like not long ago that Oran was a baby, even though so much has happened since then.  He has grown up so much that even Rian says he’s official a big boy now (until a few months ago he said he was still a baby!)  He’s so cute and sweet but also really mischievious (in a good way).  He has the cheekiest smile ever, especially when he knows he’s doing something he’s not meant to, but it’s pretty hard to be mad at him when he smiles like that.  He also is really gorgeous with big blue eyes.  He’s really adventurous (right now he’s running around the kitchen table playing with a balloon!), loves climbing, loves football, loves animals, and loves building lego.  He has amazed us at how good he is with Síofra.  He really loves her and is so sweet and caring.  Even though a few days ago he got too excited and hit her with a wooden spoon! (She was fine!)  But mostly he’s really gentle and caring to her.  Him and Rian are best friends and do everything together.  Oran has to do everything his big brother does.


So what does a vegan 2 year old eat for their birthday party?  Well mostly marshmallows!  Oran had fun stealing marshmallows from the cake while I took photos just before we lit the candles.  Both of the boys really love Freedom marshmallows, which are completely vegan, and the cake was covered in them.


As well as that, I made a selection of finger food.  It was a small party and I didn’t want to make too much food.  My favourite kind of food, especially for parties, is a kind of mezze where people can take a bit of whatever they like.  I’m probably getting a bit repetitive with food at their parties, but it pretty much all got eaten so hopefully people liked it.


I made beetroot falafel for the first time, with some homemade houmous to dip it in.


And some homemade beetroot and walnut houmous with carrot sticks.


And these sun-dried tomato and spinach roll-ups, which Oran really likes!  And also had some oven-dried tomatoes and spicy green olives.


Then there was the cake!  Rian thinks that all birthday cakes are meant to be chocolate cake, for some reason, so every time it’s someone’s birthday I have to make chocolate cake.  So I’ve had to come up with a few different variations, so this time decided to do a Rocky Road cake!  Well it was just a regular chocolate cake, with chocolate “buttercream”, then I melted lots of chocolate over it, and topped it with walnuts, glacé cherries and vegan marshmallows, and an extra drizzle of melted chocolate for good measure!  I was actually worried it might be too chocolatey for the kids, especially since I used 85% cocoa chocolate, but Oran loves dark chocolate, and I think the sweetness of the marshmallows and cherries balanced it out, so they loved it.


My cake decorating skills probably need work, but I figure that he’ll look back at photos and hopefully see the love that went into making it just to make him happy.  And it still tasted good, even if it was a bit messy!

There were a few marshmallows left on top by the time we all got a slice of cake!


Oran seemed to understand that it was his party and his cake, but seemed a bit confused by us all singing to him!


But he knew he was getting cake so was happy!


Rian was really excited about it being Oran’s birthday and spent most of the day singing birthday songs, that he made up, to him!


We probably had enough chocolate to last us a few weeks…


Oran really loved his presents!  They were all things he really likes and will play with a lot.


They both really love Lego so were really happy to get more of it.  They fought a little bit over it, but we managed to distract them with cake!  And since the excitement of the party has been over, they’ve been playing much more peacefully with it.


Síofra had a nice day too, getting lots of cuddles and attention from everyone.


Though she was worn out after a while and had to have a nap in her Nana’s arms.


I think we all felt like that by the end of the day.  Rian and Oran were exhausted but didn’t want to go to bed because they were too busy playing with the new toys!  I let them stay up a bit late to play, then Rian said, “Can we just stay up for 3 more hours?  Can we just sleep tomorrow instead?”  But almost as soon as they got into bed they fell asleep!

I’m so glad Oran had a nice day.  I love watching him grow up, and life is really fun with three kids, seeing them interact and grow up together.  Our days are very busy and tiring, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Having Oran in my life for these past two years has made my life better every day, and I love him so much.  I look forward to spending every year with him as he grows up, and to every chocolate cake!



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