Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Roll-Ups

This is a really simple idea that my kids love.  They love wraps but find it hard to hold and eat a regular wrap full of stuff without the fillings all falling out, so I usually just spread them with some kind of spread and roll them up tight.  But by slicing them up into individual bite-size pieces, they become a really good finger food for younger kids.  They work really well for baby-led weaning or for toddlers.  They’re also good for parties.


For these ones I used sun-dried tomato pesto and fresh baby spinach leaves.  I bought a vegan sun-dried tomato pesto, but you could also use sun-dried tomato paste, or blend up some sun-dried tomatoes in a food processor (use the kind that are in oil or soak some of the dehydrated ones in warm water first).  If you use wholegrain wraps it makes a nice healthy treat that has plenty of flavour and gets kids to eat some greens!


You could also make these with vegan basil pesto, coriander pesto, or even houmous, whatever you have!  You could add a few basil leaves too for some extra flavour.  They’re very versatile.



Makes 1 large plateful of roll-ups

6 wholegrain wraps

1 jar of sun-dried tomato pesto or paste (or homemade)

About 100g of fresh baby spinach

How it’s made:

Place a wrap on a chopping board.

Spread 1 tbsp of the sun-dried tomato pesto or paste on the wrap.

Scatter a layer of spinach leaves over the wrap.

Roll up the wrap fairly tightly and slice into roughly 1 inch pieces.

Arrange the roll-ups on a plate, placing them next to each other in such a way that they don’t unravel.


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