Coffee Banana Shake

This one is for the tired parents, not vegan kids (though I bet you could make a nice chocolate version instead of coffee).  Even though I feel like I have more energy than I should have, there are still times (a lot of the time) that I’m very, very, very tired.  Fresh fruit smoothies help to give me energy, but I also need coffee.  So for anyone looking after kids, waking up for night feeds, or who just likes/needs coffee, I’ve made this coffee banana shake.  Enjoy! 

You could also add some oats, seeds and/or nut butter, maybe an extra banana to make it into a pretty filling breakfast.  I think it’s yummy as it is anyway, and I like to drink it with breakfast to help me get ready for the day.



Serves 1

1 banana (chopped and frozen)

3 dates

1 tsp instant coffee

1 cup of soya milk (or other plant milk)

A shake of cinnamon

How it’s made:

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and then serve (with ice if you like).


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