Everything Vegan, Cruelty-Free Apparel

Everything Vegan is a cruelty free apparel company.  All of their cruelty-free apparel is 100% vegan and printed with organic water based inks.  They asked me to try out a few of their t-shirts, which I was really happy about because I love their designs and wanted some vegan t-shirts for the kids.  I got one for me too so might post some photos of that sometime, but for now here are some cute photos of the kids in their new t-shirts!


I chose the Be Kind To Every Kind and Eat More Veggies t-shirts for the kids because I thought they have a nice vegan message that is still gentle so nice for kids’ t-shirts.  Rian loved his t-shirt so much when he got it that he hugged it and said “I love animals!”.  He really loves being vegan so was so happy to get a vegan t-shirt.  There are lots of designs on the website that would be great for kids as well as adults.


I got the I Don’t Eat My Friends t-shirt in coral for myself, which I really like too, I’ll have to get someone to take some photos of me soon.  (Maybe when I have at least brushed my hair first…because I haven’t at the moment!)


I got the kids’ t-shirts a bit big for them so that they’ll last for a couple of years.  I’m so glad I did because they’re so cute in them, that I want them to get a lot of use out of them and I can pass them down to Síofra afterwards.


I think my favourite is the Be Kind To Every Kind one.  It’s really sweet and suits Rian because he is such a kind boy.  (That is when he’s not fighting with his brother…)


One thing that I think could make them more appealing to some people is if the t-shirts themselves were made with organic cotton.  But even so, they’re nice quality t-shirts and seriously cute on the kids!  I love the designs and there’s one to suit all people, ranging from cute and funny to more serious messages.  Check out Everything Vegan to see more designs.


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