Making our Household More Eco-Friendly (Week 2)

Last week I wrote about how I’m trying to make our home more eco-friendly and some small changes I’m making to reduce the amount of waste we’re creating.  I find this especially challenging since having kids but am so happy with the changes we’ve made so far.  Here are some more things I changed this week to try to reduce our impact on the environment, even just a little bit.


I know when I’m cleaning that I often just reach for disposable wipes to wipe down counters quickly or clean my toddler up after meals.  It’s so convenient but really wasteful, so I stocked up on a few more cloths and organic cotton face cloths for cleaning the kids faces after meals.  I just throw them in the wash when I’m doing a load of washing anyway.


We always drink smoothies through straws partly because I don’t like the texture without a straw, and also to try to make it better for the kids’ teeth, and we take straws out with us in case we buy drinks, because it’s easier for the kids to drink them without making a mess.  It’s so wasteful to be buying plastic straws all the time, so I invested in these stainless steel straws that we can reuse.  They also come with a little brush for cleaning them.  They should save me money over time!  I got these and the cloths from The Little Green Shop.



Last week I got the kids Klean Kanteen water bottles and I liked them so much that I got myself one too!  I like drinking a lot of water but often just don’t drink anything when I’m out because I don’t want to bother spending money on bottled water.  So now I can drink as much as I want!  I got the 800ml size because I thought it’d be great for bringing on picnics and stuff.  It’s also handy for having it nearby when I’m feeding the baby and get really thirsty!


I needed new shampoo and shower stuff, and I love Lush so decided to treat myself to two products that come without packaging, the Godiva shampoo bar, and the Rub Rub Rub body scrub.  These are both vegan, as most Lush products are, and are not tested on animals.  The shampoo bar is really conditioning too so I didn’t find that I need to use conditioner (and I usually don’t get enough time to condition my hair anyway) and my hair is lovely and soft after using it.  They also do a lot of soaps without packaging which can be used on your body in the shower too.  Even though some Lush products are a bit expensive, I find the solid shampoo bars and soaps are very good value because they last for so long.


And to reduce the amount of packaging on the fruit and veg that I buy, I ordered an organic fruit and veg box from Organic Supermarket.  Most of the fruit and veg was not packaged or in paper bags, with only a few items in plastic packaging.  They also try to source their fruit and veg from Irish farms where possible, or Europe if Ireland is not possible.  I don’t drive so have to get my shopping delivered anyway, and so I don’t have a choice which shops I buy from and don’t have the opportunity to buy loose fruit and veg in my own bags, so this was a good option for me.  The organic fruit and veg also tastes delicious and I do feel like organic is that bit better for the environment.  It was also pretty good value compared to what I usually spend on fruit and veg (seeing as I can’t shop around for it).  I was so happy to have so much less plastic packaging going into the bin that I think I’ll try to get a fruit and veg box every week.


So those are the changes that I made this week, and I’m very happy with them.  I can only change a little bit at a time, when I have money and need new things.  Of course I’m not going to throw away things that are perfectly good, but I can change a lot of the disposable things that we use.  I have a few big things that I want to change in the next week or so so I’ll post about that in a few days!

If anyone has any tips for me or ideas about making our household more eco-friendly, please let me know in the comments.


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