Frugi, Organic Baby Clothes

I’ve been having so much fun dressing Síofra in cute clothes lately.  I never really had to buy baby clothes before because my kids got so many as presents, but Síofra is growing fast and needed new clothes.  I had heard of Frugi organic kids’ clothes from other vegan parents, so decided to order a couple of outfits.  They’re so cute, but I’ll let the photos of Síofra show that!


Frugi clothes are made to be as ethical as possible.  They are all certified organic by GOTS and the Soil Association.  As well as being organic, they don’t use child labour and all of their workers have rights, work in a safe environment, and are guaranteed minimum wages.  I’ve been trying to buy more organic and fair trade clothes recently, and I feel a lot better about buying from an ethical company.


As well as this, Frugi donate 1% of their turnover to charity each year.  This year they are supporting Kicks Count, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and an orphanage in India.  In the past 10 years they have donated £300,000 to charity!


The prints are so, so adorable.  I love how the clothes are so soft on my baby’s skin, and that they are organic, so that bit better for the environment and for my baby.  I also love how good quality the clothes are.  I bought these outfits on sale, and think they were very reasonably priced for the quality, and I’d prefer to buy some good quality clothes that I can pass on to friends or a charity shop after Síofra has worn them.  I love the dresses we got.  The only problem is that now I want all the clothes on their website!  They also do bedding and maternity and nursing clothes, which are lovely too.


For more information check out


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