Dublin Vegfest 2017

Me and Síofra went to Dublin Vegfest last week, and while I forgot my camera, I thought I’d share a little blog post about the day.  

I really wanted to have a day out on my own (well with Síofra) so decided to get the train up to Dublin.  I had to be up at 5am to get the train at 7, but it was worth it!  Síofra loved the train and the movement of it rocked her to sleep, so it was the most relaxing 2 and a half hours that I’ve had in ages.

I didn’t even eat any breakfast before I left, so by the time I got to Dublin, I was getting pretty hungry, but wanted to make sure I could eat as much as possible at Vegfest.  I walked from Heuston station to the venue, about a half an hour walk with a heavy baby in a sling, so I was definitely ready to eat ALL the food!

I was there early and there was already a queue forming.  I got chatting to a lovely vegan couple in the queue, about all things vegan.  It’s really nice to meet other people who have the same thoughts about it.  We talked about how amazing it is that veganism is getting so much bigger in Ireland.  Walking into the building, the smells coming from the outdoor food village were very tempting, especially the Moodley Manor van!

I had already decided that I needed to get to Buttercream Dream bakery’s stall as soon as possible in case they sold out.  I bought the gluten free chocolate cupcake and peanut butter cup (which were sooo good!).  There was someone else buying the same thing and we realised that we follow each other on Instagram!

I put the cakes in my bag and thought I better get something more substantial too, so headed over to Shoots and Roots, where I got the most amazing sweet potato burger and salads.  I got a drink from My Goodness and sat down to eat before the first talk I wanted to go to.

I did get a couple of photos on my phone, this looked too good to not take a photo!

It was so great sitting looking down at the food village, and outdoor areas where performances and talks were taking place, seeing so many people interested in veganism.  The festival had a lot more space this year, and took place over two days, so was less crowded and I thought had a more relaxed atmosphere, which was really nice.

One of the talks I really wanted to get to was Glauce Lucas from All About Vegan Food speaking about raising vegan children.   The theme of her talk was “we’re doing it right”, focusing on how we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves for raising our children vegan, we are just normal parents raising our kids in the way we think is right.  It was so informative for new vegan parents or anyone considering raising vegan kids, and was great to see so many other vegan families with their happy, healthy kids!  Glauce and I know each other online for a long time but it was lovely to finally meet in person.

I met a good few vegans that I know, and some new people, and even a few people who recognised me from social media or more likely recognised Síofra!  Síofra even met some other vegan baby friends.  She had a great time meeting new people and looking around and smiling at everyone.

Síofra having fun in Dublin

I also checked out the indoor area where companies were selling vegan products.  I had brought plenty of money so I could bring home lots of goodies for the kids!  I got a lovely moisturiser from Bia Beauty, which I will probably talk more about in another blog post, because I really love it.  I needed to stock up on some soaps so got some from Bend in the Barrow, which smell amazing.  I don’t know how I had never tried Chocolatey Clare’s chocolate before, but when I did I immediately bought three bars!  It’s so delicious, made with coconut milk to make a creamy vegan milk chocolate.  I got some of the kids’ favourite, Violife vegan cheese from Art of Zen Foods, which we have been enjoying today on some mushroom burgers.  Then picked up some smoked garlic and pepper chedda from Little Green Leaf.

I felt like I could manage some more food so got a raw snickers cake from Bliss Bites Bakery.  It was so delicious, and incredibly filling!

I was really glad to get to see Christina Leopold from Addicted to Dates doing her food demo, making a raw cacao hazelnut cake, which looks just amazing!  Her cakes are so beautiful.  I really recommend following her on Instagram.

I also saw Terri Fierce and Michael Donohoe of Fierce Fitness Dance Studio‘s really impressive and inspiring performance.

I would have loved to go to more of the talks but I was getting pretty tired, a bit sore from carrying Síofra and was so full of food!  Anyway, there is always next year!

As always it was a great day, and hopefully inspired many more people to go vegan.  Thanks so much to the organisers for organising this wonderful festival.  I can’t wait for the next one already.


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