We’ll Never Regret Raising Them Vegan

I had a lovely moment with my 4 year old recently and thought I would share.  It made me a very proud vegan mammy!

Rian often talks about being vegan lately, about why he is vegan, asks me if what he’s eating is vegan, and stuff like that.  We had never really talked to him about it that much, apart from explaining the basics, and never told him that he has to be vegan, we just explained why we feed him vegan food.

Last week he was asking me if I was vegan all my life.  I told him truthfully that I wasn’t vegan until I was a teenager.  He knows that my parents aren’t vegan, so I told him that I didn’t know about being vegan yet and when I was a kid of course my parents gave me the same food that they eat.  (We never speak about others in a judgemental way, it was just matter of fact.)

He came up to me and gave me a big hug and said, “Thanks for always giving me vegan food.  I love animals and that’s why I eat vegan food.”  I definitely had to wipe away a tear after that!  It was so lovely to hear.

Other people would probably think that I’ve brainwashed him, but it has always been his choice.  Of course you can’t force anyone to be vegan anyway, but I don’t have to try.  I prefer to lead by example.

I think since he has never tried animal products and doesn’t have a taste for them, it is easy for him to go without them.  And like almost all kids, he loves animals.  So to him it’s an obvious choice.

I always think, most vegans probably would prefer if we had always been vegan.  Of course we can’t change that now.  But if a child is raised vegan, and later they decide to eat meat, they are not going to look back and say “I wish I was raised eating meat”, because it won’t make a difference to them.  I really don’t think they’d mind or that we would ever have reason to regret it.  I hope that they will be vegan forever, and I think there’s a good chance they will be.  Either way that’s a decision they have to make for themselves, and I will always love them and be proud of them.  For now I am so happy that he is happy to be vegan.



24 thoughts on “We’ll Never Regret Raising Them Vegan

  1. No regrets here either. My four came on board with their dad and me five years ago, and they’re quite happy we all did it as a family. Cheers from Texas! ~ Shannon

  2. This is really so sweet. I find that a lot of people worry that it would be hard to raise kids as vegan or to transition them to a vegan lifestyle because it’s otherwise a part of their everyday life with friends and other family members. But I can totally see how if they’ve always been vegan they can’t miss something they’ve never had. Very insightful mummy blog. I love finding new and inspiring mummies to follow! 🙂 xx

  3. This is so inspiring! I’m going to be transitioning to Vegan very soon. (I’m just composing a list of good brands and recipes first.) And I hope to raise my kids vegan, too. (When I have kids in a long time. I’m only 16.) I’m so excited to start my journey!

  4. Wow this is awesome, all children love animals so it just makes sense not to feed them animals. I hope my children will be the same 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this! My husband and I went vegan about 9 months ago and we love it. We want to raise our children vegan, but it’s hard enough just to be vegan ourselves and endure the jokes and sometimes hostility that others give us. It’s comforting to see someone doing it well and manageably, it gives me hope that we can actually sustain it!

  6. Your article is so inspiring, I can’t wait to have adorable little animal loving children! This is exactly how I want my kids to be, not preachy but understanding and loving. You have a very wonderful child, great job ♡

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