Our Vegan Halloween


What do vegan kids do for Halloween?  That’s something that a few people have asked me.  People have this idea that vegan kids will “miss out” on so many things, but I’ve found that they can have just as much fun as other kids do!  This is what we did for Halloween this year, and some ideas for the future.  (And some cute photos of Síofra!)



Halloween has been easy for us so far because my kids have just wanted to trick or treat at their grandparents’ house, which is a short walk away.  We dress up and walk over there and they get a goodie bag of vegan-friendly sweets.  Their Nana always has plenty of vegan treats in her house, like Jelly Tots, Freedom Mallows, Nakd bars, dairy-free chocolate buttons and vegan cookies!  (And some baby rice cakes for Síofra, because she’s a bit young to have all the other stuff yet.)

And when trick or treaters come to our house, we have a selection of accidentally vegan treats like crisps, lollipops, biscuits, etc. which are pretty widely available for cheap enough.  The kids have never complained and I don’t think they would even notice that they are vegan!


Rian asked about going trick or treating to other houses next year.  I told him that they might give him non-vegan treats and asked how he felt about that.  He said he wouldn’t want to eat them and might be upset.  Then I told him about the Switch Witch.  I know a lot of vegan families that do the Switch Witch (and some non-vegan families who simply want to cut down on the amount of sweets that their kids eat at Halloween).  For vegan families, the kids go to houses trick or treating as usual, then they keep the accidentally vegan sweets, and leave anything non-vegan out for the Switch Witch, who will exchange it for a vegan goodie bag or small present.  Then the parents can give away the non-vegan stuff, or whatever they choose to do with it.

Another idea is to give the neighbours some vegan treats in advance, to give to your child.  That way they still get to trick or treat like all the other kids but it doesn’t create any extra demand for animal products.

Another idea that I might do is to throw a little vegan Halloween party for my kids, where I know they can eat all the treats, and play some Halloween games too.  After all, apple bobbing and pumpkin carving are vegan-friendly activities, and it doesn’t have to be all about trick or treating.


I’m not sure what we’ll decide to do in future years, but I know my kids can join in on the Halloween fun and enjoy lots of vegan treats!



8 thoughts on “Our Vegan Halloween

  1. Love this! Great tips- I love that you’re raising your kids vegan. I don’t have children yet but when I do I will definitely raise them plant-based. Thank for a great vegan parenting resource!

  2. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check it my latest post for more detail!

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