Our Vegan Christmas 2017

I haven’t blogged in ages so wanted to share a post about our Christmas as a vegan family.  Being vegan doesn’t stop us being able to celebrate with family and friends or stop us eating nice Christmassy food!

Rian’s gingerbread cookies

We have a little tradition of making gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve (one for Santa and the rest for us!) so me, Rian and Oran made them together.  Baking with the kids can be messy, and at times stressful, but is one of our favourite things to do!  Rian really impressed me this year at how good he was at rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookies all by himself.


We also made oaty chocolate chip cookies, which are my favourite.  We left one of each out for Santa with a glass of soya milk.  Rian reckons Santa is vegan so he’ll be so happy that somebody left him vegan cookies and milk!



Then we relaxed for the evening with some homemade mulled apple juice and Foods of Athenry mince pies with Alpro soya cream, as well as the cookies!


Síofra in her Christmas jumper

Christmas day was nice and relaxed, lots of eating nice food, seeing the kids open all their presents and play with their new toys, and just spending time together with family.  The kids loved their Moo Free selection boxes, Freedom marshmallows, Jelly Tots and Turkish delight, and baby rice cakes for Síofra!






We had an amazing Christmas dinner made by my mom, a vegan Wellington (a Happy Pear recipe), roasted carrots and parsnips, Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, vegan sausages, cranberry sauce and vegan gravy.  My parents are not vegan but they are supportive of it, their house is always full of vegan treats for the kids, and since my youngest brother is vegan too, this year vegans were in the majority at our Christmas meal!


Vegan trifle


For dessert we had a vegan trifle that I made, with vegan raspberry jelly, fresh raspberries, vegan custard, and coconut whipped cream, topped with flaked almonds.  As well as a chocolate yule log that my mom made, and more mince pies!


Vegan Baileys


The grown ups also had some vegan wine and got to try the new vegan Baileys Almande, that my sister brought from London, which was a really nice treat!


We even got some snow a few days after Christmas, which almost never happens where we live, so the boys had so much fun playing in it!  It was actually the first time that it properly snowed in their lives but they knew exactly what to do.  It was magical for them and lovely for me to see.





I think every Christmas with kids is just so much fun, and it’s getting better every year!  I hope to do more blogging now coming into Spring, if I can find time.  Rian’s 5th birthday is coming up and I want to share about his Batman themed cake that I’m planning, and a general update about how things are going with the kids, what we are eating, and everything.

I wish everyone to have a lovely and peaceful 2018.  And thanks for all the support and lovely comments I’ve been getting on the blog.  Is anyone doing Veganuary?  Let me know how it is going, and if anyone needs any tips or help or is struggling in any way, I’m more than happy to help!



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