Rian’s 5th Birthday

Rian turned 5 a few days ago and we had a little celebration. These 5 years have been the best. It’s lovely to see how he has grown into such a kind and funny person. He keeps me entertained all the time, imagining stories, chatting about things he has learned, asking a million questions. He is so caring, always saying how he loves me and his brother and sister, how he loves animals and wants to help them. I’m so proud of him. Raising him has been the greatest things I’ve done so far, but no matter how grown up he gets, he will always be my baby.


He requested a Batman cake, which made me realise that gone are the days that I get to design cakes that I think will be pretty, and now it will be all cakes with his favourite characters! I love making homemade cakes for them. They might not always look that great, might be a little lopsided, but I think they have character and the kids really seem to appreciate them! I decided to try to make it fairly simple, since I had never used fondant icing before, so just wanted to cover the cake in yellow icing with a black bat symbol. I also added some edible Lego Batman figures and made a few Lego blocks out of fondant. It is not the neatest, but Rian was so happy! And anyway him and Oran started playing with Lego figures on it and making footprints and eating the pieces of Lego so I don’t think it mattered too much what it looked like!










We also made some cookies together and some cupcakes!  That was plenty of food because it was only a small gathering of family.  And the kids had enough sugar to last them a while!


Rian got some help from Oran to blow out his candles! He was very good to include Oran in the day, they do everything together and are truly best friends.


The cake was a chocolate cake, as Rian wants every year, with yellow and grey vanilla “buttercream” and yellow fondant icing.  As usual I based the recipe on one from the Ms Cupcake cookbook The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town, and it always turns out great!  (I will be making Ms Cupcake’s Turkish Delight cake for Síofra in a few weeks too!)


Even Síofra got to try some cake! She would not be ok with being left out, and since she is my third child, I’ve slightly relaxed the rules about having a bit of sugar. Sure she finds Jelly Tots on the floor sometimes anyway! She is getting so big now and it’s only 5 weeks until her first birthday.  Rian absolutely adores her.  Oran might be his best friend for playing with, but he can’t help always telling Síofra how cute she is and how much he loves her and giving her hugs and kisses. It so lovely to see.


The boys really liked the cake, especially eating the Lego pieces, and I thought it tasted pretty good too!


I also made a jelly Lego man, with vegan raspberry jelly! Rian really loved that.


Of course Rian also got lots of new toys to play with, and he had a great time getting to see his family and play with everyone. We are all so proud of him. I’m so glad he loved his cake and other treats. It’s nice to be able to spoil him, and being vegan definitely doesn’t prevent that! I look forward to the next year of fun with my favourite five year old.










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