Making My Own Vegan Skin Care, Soaps and Candles

A few months ago I decided to try to start making homemade skin care products for myself, and to give as gifts to family and friends. It was so much fun and surprisingly easy, I love the products and have found a fun new hobby!


Once I started making stuff, I wanted to make more and more, so made lip balm, body butter, body lotion, bath salts, and also soaps and candles! I got the recipes for the skin care products from the book Homemade Organic Skin & Body Care by Carmen Reeves, which is completely vegan and such a handy little book. I bought it here and I really recommend it for anyone who likes having a book for recipes. For the soaps, I used melt and pour soap bases, to make it easy since it was my first time making anything like that, and added essential oils, colours, etc. (If I get braver then I might try making my own soap from scratch!) For the candles I simply used soy wax and added my own colours, scents, and flower petals, etc. I wish I had some of my own recipes to share, and maybe I will come up with some at some stage, but for now I recommend that book, and there are a lot of good recipes online too. (I’m thinking of making my own solid perfume soon, so will share that recipe if it’s any good!)


I tried to package things in an eco-friendly way in containers that can be reused or recycled, but still look nice as part of a gift bag. I used cotton tote bags as gift bags so that people can reuse them for shopping or whatever they like. I was thinking of decorating my own bags with homemade stamps, but then I found these small tote bags that were cheap and I thought were cute!


Even though it was my first try making these things, and they’re not all perfect looking, I really likes how things turned out. I think homemade things have character anyway! And I put love and thought into making them all.


Rose candle


I made about 10 of each product so could give them as gifts and keep some for myself, so it wasn’t really much more work than making one of each thing, and I got to have a nice present for me too! They were all quite simple recipes so I could fit it in around looking after the kids, making them over a few weeks.


Vanilla and brown sugar soap and rose soap


I love that I know what went into everything, so I know it’s all good quality, natural ingredients, and nice to use for the kids, and most importantly I know it’s all vegan and not tested on animals!


Cocoa and vanilla body lotion and coconut body butter


Rian helped me making a lot of the stuff and really seemed to enjoy himself seeing how everything turned out. I think creating things is always fulfilling, and sparks more creativity, so I’m inspired to make more things myself. I’ve started making homemade cleaning products too, and will be posting some recipes I’ve come up with soon! Is it sad that I find it really exciting to make cleaning products?


Rosemary and rose petal bath salts, rose and patchouli lip balm and lavender candle


It also inspired me to try to make more homemade gifts in future, I’m thinking of food gifts like homemade chocolates, jam, cookies, etc. I’ll have to get practicing and testing the recipes first!


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