Our Vegan Easter 2018

Maybe when most people picture vegan kids they think of a sad, skinny child with a plate of lettuce. The reality for the vegan kids I know is a vibrant, healthy and delicious diet full of variety…and occasionally an all day chocolate feast. My kids spent Easter Sunday just like a lot of other kids, covered in chocolate!


Now before the health police come along, they actually just had a bit of chocolate, and vegan marshmallows, and some jelly tots, but I promise they did have some fresh fruit and even vegetables that day. But yes, they were totally spoiled by their grandparents, getting Moo Free chocolate eggs from them, and these amazing Easter baskets from their Nana, with toys, books, and arts and crafts kits too! I didn’t even get them an Easter egg because I thought two eggs each was really enough, and I already had to help them to eat those, of course.


Síofra seemed to somehow know what an Easter egg was and was very excited! She probably got a taste for chocolate while still in the womb, it being one of my favourite treats.


Rian had previously spotted the Moo Free eggs in his Nana’s bag and asked who they were for. She pretended they were for people at work and he asked, “oh, are they vegan too?” He had recognised the no-cow symbol! It has been pretty handy that whenever we’re in the shops, he never asks for all the many Easter eggs on display because he knows they aren’t vegan so has no interest in them. They all love Moo Free chocolate as a special treat, because I usually just buy dark chocolate for myself.


I even got spoiled at my parents’ house with a really nice dark chocolate egg, as well as a lovely vegetable curry, with wholegrain rice, roasted veggies, Brussels sprouts, and mangetout, vegan trifle, and vegan wine! My youngest brother is vegan too and my mom cooks us delicious vegan meals when he’s home. It’s so nice to have family support even though the rest of my family are not vegan, the house is full of vegan treats. I think that my mom is happy as long as she is able to spoil her grandchildren!


I also made a vegan lemon cake with the kids, because why not use every holiday as an excuse to make cake? We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and hanging out with family, reading their new books and doing arts and crafts. That’s pretty much all we did, we’re still making our way through all the chocolate, which will probably take the rest of the week! Those poor, deprived vegan children…



7 thoughts on “Our Vegan Easter 2018

  1. Lovely! I must get my own post up about Easter – it is not that different from yours though! We had the same Moo Free as you, but bunnycomb flavour, and their rabbit shaped lollies, and I also found a Free From white chocolate one in Sainsbury’s while travelling last month; it was a smaller size so I got that for the 1YO. Happy Easter!

      • Thanks! I used to use Live and Let Pie but loads of other people used that pun. I found this one, and it seemed more unique so I switched. Also ❤ Wham foreva, lol.

        And tbh the bunny comb flavour rarely actually reaches the kids because I eat them in the car on the way home from the shops. They are totally addictive.

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