Rainbow Veggie Wraps

My kids love these little colourful bites as a snack to eat in the garden on sunny days. They’re quick to make, healthy, and you can use any veggies that you like! I like to make them as colourful as I can, using different coloured wraps, different flavours of houmous and my kids love that they’re all the colours of the rainbow.



Wraps, different coloured ones if you like (I used BFree sweet potato wraps and multigrain wraps, you could use wraps coloured with spinach or sun-dried tomato, etc. too)

Different flavours of houmous (I used regular houmous and beetroot houmous, I have some colourful houmous recipes here)

Different coloured veggies, like spinach, carrots, beetroot, red cabbage, red or yellow peppers, cucumber, etc. finely sliced or grated if necessary.



Spread each wrap with about 1 tbsp. of houmous. Line up the different veggies across the wrap and roll up tightly. I like to slice it into 1 inch pieces to make it easy for the kids to pick up and eat, but you can simply cut the wraps in half if you like. And enjoy!



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