Avocado Spinach Sauce

I made this very quick and easy sauce the other day to go on some pasta, it’s not very pretty but very healthy, tasted really nice and the kids loved it.  Rian called it “ninja turtles pasta” because it’s green!  I love that he comes up with these names himself, instead of me having to do it to convince him to eat it!

You could use this as a dressing for other things like grains, potatoes, salads, but we had it with wholegrain rice pasta, and I added some halved cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and baby salad leaves, to try to make it look a bit prettier and be even more nutritious.  It takes only a few minutes to make in a food processor and makes a really nice fresh and summery meal.  Read More »


Lentil and Pesto Pasta Salad

I came up with this simple but yummy recipe earlier today when I was stuck sitting on a chair with a sleeping baby in my arms and so hungry I couldn’t stop thinking about what to have for lunch.  I love green lentils with pesto, and remembered I had fresh basil, spinach, pine nuts and some Violife Prosociano, so I decided to make a quick pasta salad with lentils and homemade spinach and basil pesto.  Then when I was making it I saw some cherry tomatoes so decided to throw them in too.  It turned out so delicious that I had to share the recipe!Read More »

Pitta Pizzas

This is barely even a recipe, more just an idea for a quick meal, and a great way to make a kid-size pizza!  It’s also great fun for kids because they can choose their own toppings for their pizza, and if they choose their toppings, they’re more likely to eat them, I find.  You can set up a make-your-own-pizza bar, with different ingredients chopped up in bowls, for example onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, even things like broccoli, kale, chickpeas, anything really.  It doesn’t have to be traditional pizza toppings.Read More »

Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Baked Potatoes (with a cheat ingredient)

You might have seen videos (vegan and non-vegan) of shepherd’s pie stuffed baked potatoes.  I love (vegan) shepherd’s pie so thought it was a great idea, but I’m also busy (and lazy) so don’t get around to making it much.  Recipes that have several different steps and use too many pots and dishes are a bit of a hassle, so I decided to make it with a cheat ingredient.Read More »

Vegan Oven-Roasted Roots Frittata

This recipe is based on a recipe in the River Cottage Veg Everyday cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  I have a few vegetarian cookbooks and love trying to veganise any of the recipes that aren’t vegan.  Some are really easy to veganise, just by leaving out an ingredient or using vegan cheese or something, and some are more challenging.  I’ve always wanted to try veganising some of the egg recipes and I’ve been making a lot of vegan frittatas lately so decided to try making a vegan version of this oven-roasted roots frittata.Read More »

3 Vegan Pizza Recipes

Pizza is one of my kids’ favourite meals.  They’re pretty easy to make  They make a quick meal and pretty nutritious.  Sometimes I make my own dough or sometimes use store-bought pizza bases depending on how much time and energy I have.  Some store-bought pizza bases are accidentally vegan so it’s always worth checking.  I used gluten-free and vegan ones from Schär in these photos.  But you can use any vegan bases or make home made dough if you like.Read More »

Vegan Barbecue Ideas

I haven’t blogged in what seems like ages, and the main reason is that we’ve been enjoying the sunshine and having lots and lots of barbecues (that and I was being lazy).  It’s been such a fun way to spend time outdoors with the kids and they’ve loved it.  This post might be a little late for people here in Ireland as it’s raining now, but we’ll get more sun, I’m sure!  I really love vegan barbecues.  I think they’re actually much better than meaty barbecues.  There’s more variety, veggies are delicious barbecued, they’re healthier, and of course cruelty-free.Read More »