Spiced Roasted Roots Soup with Chickpea Croutons

I just made this soup today, and it was so nice that we ate it all straight away!  So I thought I’d share the recipe.  I hadn’t made soup in a while, but it’s getting colder here now, so felt like a good day for it.  The spices and coconut milk make it really nice and comforting and warming for autumn time, and the chickpea croutons make it more filling and nourishing.

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Vegan Baby Led Weaning with Síofra

Síofra is 6 months old already!  With three kids to look after, it has flown by.  She has fitted into our lives perfectly and now it feels like she’s always been here.  She has always been a big baby, and still is very big and healthy!  She’s such a happy little girl, and is really a joy to be with and take care of.  Life is busy right now, but very happy.Read More »

Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Roll-Ups

This is a really simple idea that my kids love.  They love wraps but find it hard to hold and eat a regular wrap full of stuff without the fillings all falling out, so I usually just spread them with some kind of spread and roll them up tight.  But by slicing them up into individual bite-size pieces, they become a really good finger food for younger kids.  They work really well for baby-led weaning or for toddlers.  They’re also good for parties.Read More »

Vegan Houmous and Sausage Wrap Rolls

These are my new favourite snack and my kids both love them.  They even went down really well at Rian’s birthday party.  They’re really quick and easy to prepare and a much healthier alternative to sausage rolls.  They also make a great finger food for baby led weaning and my 8 month old had no problem picking them up and eating them.

I make them using Dee’s Wholefoods vegan sausages, since they’re super healthy (and also gluten-free which is handy for people who can’t have gluten).  But you can use any vegan sausages, like Linda McCartney ones for example.  And I use BFree wraps, but most brands of wraps are vegan too.

I made them using my simple homemade houmous.  You can get the recipe for that here.  Or feel free to use store-bought houmous to make it even quicker and easier.



6 tortilla wraps

12 vegan sausages (Dee’s Wholefoods or Linda McCartney, etc.)

Houmous (recipe here)

How it’s made:

Cook the vegan sausages according to package instructions.

Spread 1 heaped tablespoons of houmous on each wrap.

Place two sausages end-to-end near the edge of a wrap, and roll the wrap around the sausage.

Slice into roughly 1 inch slices and serve.