Síofra’s 1st Birthday

My littlest vegan baby turned one a few days ago! It seems like only yesterday that she was born, and yet I can’t imagine life without her. I feel like she was meant to be in our lives, and her big brothers love having a sister more than anything. Recently Rian said, “we are so lucky to have her”, and I couldn’t agree more. It has been the best year ever.

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Rian’s 5th Birthday

Rian turned 5 a few days ago and we had a little celebration. These 5 years have been the best. It’s lovely to see how he has grown into such a kind and funny person. He keeps me entertained all the time, imagining stories, chatting about things he has learned, asking a million questions. He is so caring, always saying how he loves me and his brother and sister, how he loves animals and wants to help them. I’m so proud of him. Raising him has been the greatest things I’ve done so far, but no matter how grown up he gets, he will always be my baby.

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Oran’s 2nd Birthday

We had Oran’s 2nd birthday party yesterday.  It was just a very small party with his family and a couple of friends.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple and not put too much pressure on myself preparing for it.  And for once I actually made the right amount of food and cake instead of making way too much!Read More »

Oran’s 1st Birthday


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We celebrated Oran’s first birthday on the 29th of May.  One whole year with our amazing little guy.  This year has gone by so quickly, but been so wonderful.  Oran has brought so much happiness to our lives, and is the best little brother to Rian.  I can’t believe he’s not a baby anymore, though he’ll always be my baby.Read More »

Rian’s 3rd Birthday

My oldest son Rian turned three a few days ago and we had a small party with our families.  Both of his sets of grandparents were there, as well as three of his aunties, and one of his uncles.  It was lovely and not too much work or pressure to prepare for it.  We had wanted to go for a day out and bring a picnic but the weather wasn’t great and I think we actually had a better and more relaxed time at home.

He had such a great day.  It’s so much fun now that he’s old enough this year that he knew what was happening.  When he came into the kitchen in the morning and saw the cake, he said, “Mommy make me choc cake!” and was talking about how the biscuits were for his birthday party.  When he saw all his family arrive he was so happy to see everyone and to open his presents.

I really can’t believe he’s three already.  He’s talking so well now and is so funny, sweet and caring.  He’s also really adventurous and has a wonderful imagination.  And he’s an amazing big brother.  I’m incredibly proud of him.

It made me so happy that he had a lovely day.  This was his face when we sang happy birthday to him.  He was so excited.


He had requested a chocolate cake so I made him an “Oreo” cake.  Oreos in the EU are suitable for vegans anyway, but since my sons and me have to follow a gluten-free diet, I used a gluten-free Oreo-type cookie that is also suitable for vegans.


The cake was based on a Ms Cupcake chocolate cake recipe, and I made vegan vanilla buttercream, with crushed cookies mixed in to the icing on top of the cake, and cookies to decorate.  It was very sweet and delicious!  I don’t like my son to have too much sugar on a regular basis, but for his birthday he was allowed all the sugar he wanted.


I actually wish I was eating the cake right now.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  Nobody can say vegan kids are deprived, right?


And the other treats on the table are ginger cookies, jammy biscuits, vegan chocolate buttons, Jelly Tots and banana and chocolate mini-bites.  There were a lot more Jelly Tots but Rian was snacking on them while I cooked!


Rian’s auntie also made this amazing vegan gluten-free and refined-sugar free banoffee pie.  It’s made with oats, almonds, dates, almond butter, banana and coconut cream and was delicious!


We also did have some non-sweet stuff.  Here is a selection of what I made for the day.  It’s all vegan of course.  From top left clockwise, there are raw veggie sticks, home made houmous, houmous and vegan sausage wrap rolls, salad leaves, grilled red pepper rolls with vegan cream cheese, grilled courgette rolls with coriander pesto, roasted stuffed peppers and the stuffing is spiced rice with chickpeas, raisins and fresh coriander, grilled aubergine and sun dried tomato rolls.  I made up all the recipes and luckily they turned out quite well.  Almost all the food was eaten even though I made so much for just a few people!  I love making vegan food for people and showing them how tasty it can be, as well as how it’s healthy and that we’re not missing out on anything.


Of course it wasn’t all about food.  Rian loved opening his presents and playing with his new toys.  He even liked his new clothes!  But I think the best part for him was getting to see his “best friends” as he calls everyone.


Oran also had a lovely day and had so much fun crawling around and having cuddles with everyone.  Rian even let him play with some of his toys!


It was a lovely and happy day and I’m so glad that Rian loved it.  Thanks everyone for coming!