Síofra’s 1st Birthday

My littlest vegan baby turned one a few days ago! It seems like only yesterday that she was born, and yet I can’t imagine life without her. I feel like she was meant to be in our lives, and her big brothers love having a sister more than anything. Recently Rian said, “we are so lucky to have her”, and I couldn’t agree more. It has been the best year ever.

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Our Life as a Vegan Family

I’ve been so grateful for all the people who have read my blog posts lately and people who have followed me and liked my posts on Facebook and Instagram.  I’m really, really enjoying blogging.  It gives me something to do that’s a bit creative and fun and it makes me put more effort into making up healthy recipes that I haven’t tried before.  I wanted to do a post to introduce myself and my family and let you know a bit more about our day to day lives as a vegan family.

Our family consists of me (my name’s Ciara), my partner (who I think I’ll call Vegan Daddy from now on!), and our two sons, Rian and Oran.  We’re all vegan.  Though I don’t really call the kids vegan, since that is an ethical decision that they’re too young to choose yet, but they eat the same diet as us.  We live in Ireland, also sharing our home with quite a few other animals!

I’m 28 and Vegan Daddy is 26.  I’m interested in animals, cooking, veganism of course, art, gentle parenting and attachment parenting.  Vegan Daddy likes kayaking and (vegan) pizza!


Rian is almost 3 now.  His birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I can’t wait.  He has requested a chocolate cake because he thinks everyone has chocolate cake for their birthdays!  I can’t believe he is so grown up now.  He can talk quite a lot now, almost can say anything, and is so funny.  He’s very caring and sweet and is a great big brother too.  He has been vegan all his life and is very healthy in every way.  He’s naturally slim as were me and his dad as children, but is full of energy and has very rarely been sick ever.  He really shows that kids can be very healthy on a vegan diet.  He can be fussy with food sometimes, like a lot of 3 year olds, but overall he eats a great variety of fruit and veg and other healthy foods.

He has had a big change in his life since his brother was born but really he has taken it so well.  He loves playing with Oran and giving him hugs and kisses.


Oran is over 7 months now.  That time has gone by so quickly.  In a way I’m sad that he’s nearly not a baby anymore, but it’s also very exciting to see him developing so much every day.  He can sit up, crawl, and stand holding onto furniture and walk along it, he can even stand for a few seconds on his own and is getting better every day.  He was a big baby when he was born (over 10lbs!) and is definitely very strong.  He is a very happy baby, usually smiling, and is very sweet.  He loves Rian so much and always wants to play with him.

He is breast fed and since 6 months we have also been introducing solid food to him.  We are doing baby led weaning, which you can read more about here, https://veganmammy.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/baby-led-weaning-and-a-recipe/.  He has gotten on so well with it and will eat pretty much any food I put in front of him.  I wish his brother would eat that much, haha.  We give him all healthy food at the moment, though he did steal a few Jelly Tots from his brother earlier when we weren’t looking for a second!  At least they are suitable for vegans!  He is very healthy and thriving.


Today we had a very relaxed day seeing as it’s Sunday.  First a lovely cooked breakfast (https://veganmammy.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/indian-spiced-cauliflower-breakfast-scramble/), to give us energy for a nice walk in the woods.  It’s pretty cold this week in Ireland so there was still frost on the ground and some icy puddles for Rian to jump in!  Our dog Sophie came too, and had so much fun.  The weather has been so wet lately, so we all needed some fresh air and exercise.



It was great to get out of the house and we even saw a red squirrel and watched him for a while.  Then he climbed a tree and watched us from up there.  Rian wanted to go up after him and was upset that we had to leave him alone, but soon forgot about it.


Then we went to visit my parents and brother, and watched the birds on my dad’s birdfeeders.  They are so pretty.  It’s fascinating to see them.  There are dozens of goldfinches, some greenfinches, chaffinches, a couple of robins, a wren, lots of siskins, a few redpolls, and a few other species.  In my garden we usually just have a robin and three very fat house sparrows that eat my rabbit’s food!


I think it’s great for the kids to learn to love nature.  Me and their dad both loved nature from a young age, and loved animals, and the kids definitely seem to love animals.  They get on so well with Sophie and our cats, and that helps them learn to be gentle and caring.  I really hope that they will choose to be vegan too when they are older.  Time will tell, and all I can do is raise them as well as I can, and tell them the truth in an unbiased way.

I was pretty tired this evening, so we had an easy dinner of pasta with a home made mushroom Bolognese sauce that I’m trying out.  It was yummy!  And the kids are asleep now, so I have some time to relax before bed.