We’ll Never Regret Raising Them Vegan

I had a lovely moment with my 4 year old recently and thought I would share.  It made me a very proud vegan mammy!

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Roasted Carrot and Houmous Roll-Ups

After making my Carrot Hot Dogs I had the idea to use roasted carrot in these wrap roll-ups things.  My kids love wraps, but I find they’re much easier for them to eat if they’re rolled up and sliced into little bite-size pieces like this.  They love it!  I thought the carrots would go really well with houmous, and make these a very nutritious snack.  They also would work well for lunch boxes or kids’ party food!

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Children’s Book Review: ‘V is for Vegan – The ABCs of Being Kind’ by Ruby Roth

‘V is for Vegan’ is written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the author of ‘That’s Why we Don’t Eat Animals’ and ‘Vegan is Love’.  I haven’t read her other books yet, as I’ve heard that they are for older kids, but we love V is for Vegan.

It’s a cute and simple book that goes through the alphabet, with every letter standing for something different relating to being vegan.


It’s a lovely and age appropriate way to introduce your kids to the reasons why people are vegan.

I think it would be suitable for babies up until about 5 years of age, or even older.  My kids are 3 years old and 9 months old and they both enjoy it.  There is nothing too upsetting for young children in it.  My 3 year old, Rian, is just starting to understand that we don’t eat animals.  He looks at the pictures and says, “don’t eat birdie, don’t eat chicken”, so I think it’s helping him to understand veganism, in a gentle way.


It talks about animals being our friends, keeping the environment clean, and nutrition, while also teaching kids the alphabet.  It shows what things vegans avoid, including food, clothing, products tested on animals, zoos, and buying animals, and helps kids understand why their family doesn’t do these things.

The illustrations are cute and fun and the book is easy to read and rhymes nicely, so my kids really enjoy it.  It’s often the book they pick out for me to read to them or to look at themselves.


I think it’s great that vegan children’s books are available to help them understand why they’re being raised vegan.  I’d definitely recommend this book for vegan families, and can’t wait to get Ruby Roth’s other books when my kids are older.